About John C. Eberhardt

Me-Courtesy of my cousin Andrew Adams of Adams Photography (www.houston-photography.com)

Me-Courtesy of my cousin Andrew Adams of Adams Photography (www.houston-photography.com)

I am a Website Marketer and Network Engineer (I work on computers and websites) and I am involved in the quest for new energy sources, alternatives and conservation. My greatest passion in terms of our world’s future has been the use of all forms of renewable energy and green building.  Since I was a young boy, I’ve been interested in and have been studying alternatives. I’ve built log cabins from scratch in northern Minnesota and have studied various earth sheltered structures for many years.

I also am a pilot and fly my airplane to reach remote areas for business and research. Alternative aviation fuel and engine technology is an important part of our future as many areas of the world are inaccessible by automobile or truck.

Now that it’s cool again (or finally fashionable) to be green, I’d love to re-energize the masses and build a raving group of people who never will let us slide into energy apathy again. Can we just stay on track this time?

So much of caring about energy and making permanent changes revolves around knowledge about energy usage and our options.

For example, did you know that after your heating and cooling costs, your refrigerator burns the most energy (electricity) in your house? It runs all day and night. If you can, get an energy star certified refrigerator as fast as you can. Get an energy audit on your house and if you’re are building a new one, please consider earth berm or underground building. Earth sheltered houses use about 10% of the energy when compared to a conventional house. They are fireproof, sound proof, tornado proof and earthquake proof and naturally insulated.  In tornado alley or a wildfire area that would really come in handy! If you are building a conventional house, at least double the recommended stud depth and insulation in the walls and ceiling. Face all major glass south and use insulated shutters.

My mission is to gather and discuss all information regarding the support of new energy sources, conservation of existing energy sources and the transition from the old energy to the new. I’d like to create a community of likeminded individuals who would like to save on their energy costs now and plan for a better future for our children and grandchildren. I am going to make this the one place to consolidate and exchange all information concerning current strategies and innovative ideas about all energy- creation and conservation. Welcome to the no BS zone; we will expose the truth and debunk the myths and legends about new energy, while carefully examining our reliance on the old dead, finite and shrinking reserves of fossil fuels as we move into an uncertain future.

The scope of this mission will include, but not be limited to, the following:

•    Transportation
•    Housing
•    Heating/Cooling
•    Utilities
•    Food

I’ll add anything else that you’d like to discuss if it comes close to these topics. I am endlessly energetic and enthusiastic about these topics. I will give you all the information that I can to equip you with the knowledge and tools to make better decisions about energy creation, usage and conservation.

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