Just like the old days

Green Backslide?

I really wanted to get start talking about some exciting but practical ways that you can get immediate benefits from tips and techniques that I have found or thought up concerning alternative energy and conservation. But instead I just can’t’ resist spending this time talking about a frightening trend that I am seeing just in time for Halloween.

Is this “déjà vu all over again”? I hope we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past but it is starting to smell like the 70’s again. I just heard that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed legislation that would have imposed a pollution fee on cargo ships at the ports of Oakland, Los Angeles and Long Beach. He claims that it would have placed an additional “financial burden” on businesses in these hard times. Aren’t these the same stinky businesses that polluted the air in the first place? When is it going to stop? When we all have asthma and brain damage and lung cancer?

Excuses, excuses, looks to me like we are heading for another green backslide. We never seem to learn. Once the politicians have armed themselves with the tanking economy as an excuse to let the stinkers off the hook, the US can once again cave to the interests of the big corporations –including big oil. I know the oil companies have been really hurting for money lately (sarcasm intended). Meanwhile we can happily slide back into our old habits and the dark ages. Corporate marketing works wonders. It can hypnotize the entire nation into buying stuff that we don’t need so they can make more money and share less of it with fewer people. We can go right back to building McMansions, driving giant trucks, SUV’s and inefficient automobiles. I’m sure more oil drilling will get us out of this mess right?  Along as we can get the price of oil to keep falling (the price dropped again today), the mass of fat, dumb and happy Americans can get right back to their hectic lifestyles so they can pay down their debt on all the giant crap that they own. Oh well don’t worry, once this credit crunch thing is over we can get right back into debt. Just be patient, the government is taking care of it so you won’t have to change that lifestyle that you borrowed yourself into.  The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer and the middleclass will just go away.


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